Happy Family Day!!!

This morning Kim and I went over for brunch at my SILs, Matt had to work so he missed out. It was tons of fun and SIL always has such a yummy spread for breaky!

T’was quite funny when Nolan broke into the liquor cabinet and attempted to open the bottles of booze. I didn’t think I’d be saying “Stay out of the liquor cabinet!” so soon!!! No worries; he didn’t actually succeed! 
Nolan ate while sitting on Nana’s lap, then after breakfast we all {Matt’s brothers, Matt’s mom, SIL, the babies and I} hung out in the livingroom and laughed at Nolan and Uncle T. Nolan kept driving the walk and ride toy into his uncle while T dived and made funny noises after being “hit”. I didn’t think to get a video until after it happened, but it was super cute! Nolan was laughing so hard!
I got several cute pictures of Nolan playing with his little cousin, and of the both of them snuggling with me on the couch…but I’m not sure how SIL feels about having A’s picture posted on the blog, so I won’t put them up out of respect. Trust that they are super cute though!
After brunch, Nolan and I had a nap 🙂 Nolan’s actually still napping though, lucky kid. I woke up when Matt came home, and conned him into making me a bagel toasted with cream cheese 🙂 NOM! Yep, even after all that breakfast I ate, I was still starved by 2pm. 
We don’t have any “plans” for the rest of the day, except hanging out as a family. I’m hoping to get some cleaning done, which I really need to do! Would you believe it that the play pen is still full of clean clothes waiting to be folded?! So not on top of my “homemaker duties” as of late!!!
How was your weekend? I hope everyone is having a beautiful day with their families! Even if they aren’t “celebrating” family day {apparently it’s a Canadian thing?!}. 

About J.C. Hannigan

25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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