Boy oh boy!

This kid makes my whole world go round. He makes not so awesome days totally awesome, just by being around.

Honestly? I lucked out with my baby boy. He’s sweet, he’s funny, he’s smart. Sure, he can be incredibly difficult at times, but so can I and this kid is basically a carbon copy of his mama, with several daddy traits in there!

Tomorrow is going to be a fantastic day….because I won’t accept any more blah waah days. T gets dropped off at 9:30am, and we will be getting outside for a walk. I’ll probably incorporate our walk into going to pick J up from her bus at 3:30 because I’m sure the toddlers won’t want to go twice {walks are exhausting for little legs in deep snow!}.

In the evening, I’m excited to watch Grey’s Anatomy and Jersey Shore whilst in my husbands arms 🙂

Friday will also be great! Friday we will finally go grocery shopping {yay for pay day!}, pay some bills and I will finally be able to cook up a couple of casseroles for next weeks’ lunches 🙂 I’m tired of Zoodles and KD. Elle has a yummerific tuna casserole recipe that I’m totally going to try. Can’t wait!

PLUS, this weekend…Matt’s beautiful mama is coming up to visit!!! I can’t wait to see her and hang out with her 🙂 Nolan is totally excited to see his Nana, especially since she told him she wanted to buy him a “eeez urger!!!” I’m super excited for her to teach me how to make her yummy chicken lasagna…it’s seriously the best lasagna I’ve ever tasted!!!

So this week still has tons of great opportunity to be great!

Anyway, I’m headed off to snuggle with my hubs in bed now!! Good night!


About J.C. Hannigan

25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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