Those Hallmark Holidays…

I think all of you know this, but I came out of the “pregnancy closet” yesterday on my Bottle Chronicles blog. It was…liberating! I didn’t expect such a huge out pour of support and excitement, but boy am I stoked!

I’m a day away from being 5 weeks pregnant, and it feels like I’ve known about this pregnancy for an eternity. I’m no longer worried about “jinxing” the pregnancy by telling people about it – it’s going to go how it’s going to go and I’m not high risk for miscarriage at all. I’ve only been pregnant once before, and that pregnancy resulted in Nolan so my chances of miscarrying are – knock on wood – very very slim. Of course, as an expectant mother it is something I worry about still. But no point in stressing and worrying about it!!

I’m still feeling very exhausted. From about 3:00pm until 5:00pm I’m uselessly exhausted, even if I nap when Nolan naps. It’s pretty ridiculous. I get my second wind at 5pm and am able to get through cooking dinner, feeding it to my little man, bath time, getting ready for bed, story time and cuddles, teeth brushing and then finally putting the little love down for the night. So I’m thankful that my “lazy time” isn’t in the middle of anything pressing like meal time or bath time.

I’ve still had a lot of difficulty staying on top of housework and laundry. Ugh. I really hope that is just a temporary downside to being so tired. I’m hoping that the exhaustion will magically disappear, and I’ll be back to my old chipper cleaning self soon. I don’t remember all these “symptoms” settling in so early during my pregnancy with Nolan…sigh.

I’ve been extremely moody lately too. The mister and I have been arguing quite a bit. I’ve been picking fights like crazy and I don’t even know why. Grouchy? Exhausted? Sometimes I just get so dramatic it’s ridiculous! Nobody understands me! I have to do everything! Waaah! Both those things are totally not true and I may or may not {see: may} be a drama queen to the tenth degree. Plus, my stomach is beginning to get a little wobbly. Not after eating or in the mornings, but definitely after Matt says something gross, such as our discussion about eggs this afternoon. I told him I wanted “sunny side up but not runny,” and he said “So, over easy then? You just don’t like the egg snots?” and I totally puked in my mouth a little bit. Egg snots?!? Really!? How disgusting! It totally killed my brief desire for eggs and then some. I doubt I’ll be able to look at them properly for weeks.

Oh, and then there was the moment this afternoon when he decided to “pass gas” while putting Nolan in his car seat. I was already in the car, and the smell was absolutely disgusting. I had to roll down my window and I did puke in my mouth, legit. It was horrible and my stomach turns just thinking about it. Matt didn’t think it was “so bad”. I’m assuming my acute sense of smell is just another symptom of pregnancy. Again, I don’t remember being so sensitive last time but Matt assures me that I was. About different things {like eggs cooking, woah man I would hold the porcelain throne if I smelt someone cooking eggs}, but I was pretty sensitive to smell then too. 

Anyway, so I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m feeling pretty pregnant and I’m only 5 weeks. It’s kind of scary…last week just dragged on and on. I hope the rest of the pregnancy doesn’t go by so slowly!

I’ve been trying to keep busy with my little man and the daycare kiddos. It’s working, for the most part, but by the time 3pm rolls around I am so exhausted all I want to do is lay on the couch and sleep. Sleeping obviously isn’t an option with a toddler running around, but at least I can lay down right?!

Yesterday was super busy and I’m pretty sure that’s why I’m tired today. Yesterday, Nolan and I went for lunch with some friends: Brittany and her beautiful little daughter, Serena.

Nolan actually told me he wanted a “eeez urga!”, which means cheese burger in his little language. He ate most of it, and almost all of his fries too. Then I gave him his little happy meal toy and it was love at first sight!

After McDonalds, Brittany and I decided we wanted to go to Dollarama. I bought Matt some Valentine’s Day gifts {three chocolate roses for every Valentine’s Day we’ve been together and a card from me and one from his little boy too} and then I was completely lost in the Easter aisle. I cannot wait for Easter! This year, come hell or high water I will be putting together the sickest, most awesome Easter egg hunt for my little man. I’ll even write out little clues and everything! I’m so excited. I can see him now, carrying that adorable blue basket and hunting around with help from mommy and daddy! It will be his first Easter egg hunt ever. Last year he was a little too young and it didn’t seem like a good idea. But this year he’s totally ready, and next year he can help his little sibling with her/his clues!

Speaking of firsts…this was the first Valentine’s Day I actually bought something for Matt. Nolan too. Matt is very much against “Hallmark invented holidays”. I don’t like the idea of spending tons of money on someone either, and I also think that love should be celebrated every day, but I personally believe that there’s no harm in a little fun on those Hallmark invented holidays. 😉 I also wanted my two Valentines to know that I am and do think about them! I got Nolan a little Valentine’s Day teddy bear and some chocolates. I haven’t given him his yet, I’m going to wait until Monday morning since we’ll be together all day. But I did give Matt his Valentine’s Day gifts, just because I couldn’t wait. Matt will be ice fishing all day tomorrow and he leaves bright and early Monday morning for school and then work, so I wouldn’t get to see him on Valentine’s Day.

After the Dollarstore, we came back to the apartment so we could put the kids down for their nap and so that Brittany and I could continue to hang out and have some much needed girl talk. The kiddos were definitely tired! Serena had a little trouble going down for her nap since Brittany accidentally forgot her paci on the check out counter of Dollarama, but she eventually settled due to her exhaustion. Brittany and I talked and listened to music while they slept, then when they woke up we decided to head out and grab the $5 hot and ready pizza deal at Little Caesars, since I hadn’t taken anything out for dinner {bad!!}. It was so good though! Nolan now refuses to eat his pizza unless it’s dipped in Ranch dressing. He is such a mama’s boy!

Today has been pretty busy too! I was glad we all got to spend this morning together before Matt had to go to work, even if it did start out incredibly lazy!

Nolan woke his Daddy up with tons of cuddles and huge smiles. Then we all snuggled for a bit in our bed, until Nolan decided he wanted to get down and play in our {very messy} bedroom.

Yes, I know! I should be cleaning instead of blogging right now. But blogging takes little to no effort, and I’m tired! Haha. The play pen was set up for Brittany’s little girl yesterday, and I still haven’t taken it down…partly because it’s incredibly difficult to take down.

After our morning snuggles, Matt made pancakes. I totally put ice cream on mine. I can already tell I’m going to be extremely self indulgent this pregnancy. Sigh. The cravings have definitely started…I want sweet things all the time.

We were going to go to the EYC with Nolan, but it was snowing really bad – which means that the EYC was going to be crowded with parents desperate for a change of scenery from their houses. I still wanted to get out though so we went to Matt’s step-mom’s house for a visit and to pick up our mail. Nolan was hilarious! He snuggled up with Grandma J and then decided it would be fun to spin around in circles over and over and over again, until he stumbled into the TV and bounced off the couch onto the floor. He didn’t get hurt, not at all, but his expression was priceless and the three of us {Matt, his step-mom and I} nearly wet ourselves from laughing so damn hard. I had tears, legit tears.

We had to go grocery shopping, so we did that. We basically just grabbed the bare essentials, we’ll be doing our “big” grocery trip later this week. We had a quick lunch and then I put Nolan down for his nap. Matt and I cuddled for a bit, but he had to take off and go to work. Boo urns! I had my nap, and so did Nolan. He woke up at about 3pm. We’ve just been chilling and hanging out, very lazy, since then. I called my dear friend Mandy and had a lovely chat with her, then I called my crazy sisters to see what was up. I miss those girls.

Tonight, I’ll be making spaghetti for dinner since I’ve had a massive, erm, “craving” for it. I still feel weird saying things like “I have a craving for this!” because I get weird looks, like you’re only 5 weeks pregnant looks. What people fail to realize is that I always have cravings for pasta – pregnant or not!!!

P.S. I guess I should point out that I’m not exactly five weeks pregnant yet, but I will be tomorrow. So, there’s that, right?


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