Attention Asshat Drivers: Stop Taking Risks

I don’t know what it is about snow storms that bring out total douchebags on the road, but I’m tired for it. I’m longing for spring – but I know that spring doesn’t grantee douchebag free roads. But still. Winter makes it worse. Especially because the douchebags drive like there isn’t tons of slippery snow and ice on the asphalt.

This evening, I was backing out of my driveway to drive Britt and Serena home. My driveway is at the bottom of a hill on a well traveled road, but I assure you I checked and double checked before backing out. I was about a quarter of the way finished backing out when some asshat appears at the top of the hill, driving towards us. Clearly, I’m backing out of my driveway. My car is pretty damn noticeable, and the dude had plenty of time to slow the fuck down. But guess what? He didn’t. He nearly smashed into me and was on my ass so much so that I had to honk at him to show my annoyance {even though he was behind me…but I’m pretty sure he knew who I was honking at}, and when I was straightening out he decided to try and get around me. With another car coming in the opposite direction. Which caused me to nearly drive into the ditch. When I laid my hand on the horn he {or she} stopped trying to get around and I was able to straighten out and drive forward but I was not comfortable at all, since this idiot put us in danger countless times within 1 minute AND continued to ride my ass.

To the driver of that car: What. The. Fuck. You asshole prick! I had two babies in my car! TWO. And another one on the way! I’m sorry that slowing down and allowing me to completely back out of my driveway without harrassing my back end would waste so much of your precious time, but guess what’s more precious than your time? Our lives. All of ours, even your douchebag life. But most importantly: those babies lives are more important than your “inconvenience” of having to slow down {which, I might add…YOU DIDN’T. AT ALL}.

I am so tired of sharing the roads with risk takers. People who just “don’t have the time” to slow the hell down and drive safely. People who don’t let others have the right of way when they rightfully have it. People who speed through four way stops because stopping is just such a drag.

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve almost been in an accident due to somebody’s stupid dick moves on the road. Honestly? I’m a good driver. I’m careful, but I’m not a turtle. I don’t endanger people by driving too slow and I don’t endanger people by driving too fast. I am cautious and I react well {for the most part}. I drive for the weather conditions. I don’t cut people off, or steal their right away. I drive like I’m carrying precious cargo because I am. My baby – ok, I guess I should say babies -are the most important people in my life, and I’m tired of douchebags putting our lives in danger because they’re taking stupid risks.

I really hope that this post reaches out to at least one douchebag driver out there, and makes them think twice before taking stupid risks. Remember: it’s not just your life you’re risking, you’re risking the lives of other people too, the lives of kids and babies. So slow the fuck down and chill out. Drive with caution and care of everyone else on the road as well as yourself, and don’t take risks. Don’t endanger other people, and don’t endanger my babies or my friends babies, don’t endanger my nieces and nephews.

That’s all, thanks.


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3 Responses to Attention Asshat Drivers: Stop Taking Risks

  1. Shutter Girl says:

    I notice this too, and I am not even driving yet. It’s freaking stupid if you ask me. WE LIVE IN CANADA! It snows EVERY winter. It’s not something new here people!
    Calvin and I talk about this shit all the damn time, because the 3 of us have almost been hit countless times just this freaking winter because people DON’T CARE! We are walking in the snow and cold to get to where we need to, and they have heat and don’t care that they almost hit us, while we are walking.
    Yesterday for instance, we were walking, and this person was backing out of their driveway, only looked right, and we were on the left, but she didn’t bother looking BOTH fucking ways before continuing, if we didn’t stop FOR HER, she would have hit, Dustin in his stroller and both Calvin and myself.
    Ridiculous. I am glad you all are okay though!

  2. IamTheAnyKey says:

    I have a feeling it’s universal across all the lands where vehicles exist.

    Almost everytime I see a bad driver in the winter, it makes me think of this one customer that came through my till when I was a cashier a few years ago.

    The guy was venting about people who drive slow in bad weather conditions. Seriously. His opinion? If you can’t afford winter tires or a vehicle that can handle those road conditions, then get the eff off of the road. His attitude really pissed me off, and had I been another customer instead of an employee, I might have said something, but I was too shocked (and scared of getting into trouble for telling off a customer) to say anything. I drove an older sunfire at the time, so I was likely one of those people who shouldn’t be driving in the winter. Because who the hell would ring through his groceries, who would sell him his smokes, his booze, his porn. He was an oilfield asshole – lots of them out here. Entitled asshats. Think because they make a bunch of money and drive big trucks that they can do what they want.

    One thing you CAN do is report bad drivers. Out here, I’ve done it a few times, and honestly, am proud to be a ‘narc’. If someone drives like they are drunk, you bet your ass I will call in their vehicle make and model number, and license plate. If I am not driving. If I am driving, and am in no rush, I will sometimes pull over to do so. If Chris is in the car, and we’re in no rush, we sometimes FOLLOW people so the cops know exactly where to pull them over (we stay far enough back that it’s not obvious, of course. lol).

    Every time I have called it in, whether the person turned out to not be drunk or if it was just me calling to complain to the police about dangerous driving behaviour (like what you described), they have thanked me and encouraged me to call again if another situation arises.

    I know for a fact that one person I called in about got arrested, lost his license and I believe lost his job until his license was eventually returned. You’d think I would feel bad about it, but the guy was another of the entitled jerks (a regular at a restaurant I worked at years ago) and had been drinking heavily all night. The staff, including the owner, of the restaurant let this guy get behind the wheel. I was off really close to when he left, and while driving, saw him leave and swerve all over the place. He was way too drunk to walk, let alone drive. I called it in, and I’m glad I did. Fucker would have killed himself or someone else for sure.

    *sigh* ANYWAY…

    That is freaking terrible, and I hope you don’t experience anything so scary or dangerous again, especially with the babies in the car!

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