We just got in from brunch at my sister-in-laws. We’ve put Nolan down {although he’s currently fighting nap-time – despite his exhaustion level}, and Matt is now napping too. Honestly? The amount of sleep that man needs to function is ridiculous. I need a nap too, but I’m too wired to sleep.

The brunch went…well. Yeah, it went well. Pretty good, actually. We were the first to arrive and SIL & I joked about how quickly it happened. I went off the pill and BAM! As I mentioned, SIL and Matt’s brother have been trying for a baby too. She’s two week late, but every test she takes says negative. She has a lot of the symptoms though. So I’m hoping she’s pregnant too, because that’d be awesome!

FIL and SMIL arrived about 10 minutes after us. SMIL didn’t come into the kitchen but went to play with the babies. FIL came in and gave us hugs and congratulated us. I guess he is happy for us, I guess that now he and SMIL aren’t “together” {oh, didn’t I mention that? They’re getting a divorce but still live together – at the moment, anyway. LOONG story}, he doesn’t have to share her opinion on things.

SIL and I exchanged the occasional comment on the whole pregnancy thing. I forget what I said {or did} but she said “Holy pregnant Jess!” and then we both laughed. Any time someone brought it up though, SMIL fell silent. I guess the term “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” has finally set in her mind. So, she didn’t mention it at all but she wasn’t outright rude to us – which is good. I think.

After the yummy brunch {I had two plates without even registering until Matt pointed it out!}, we all sat around in the living room, playing with the babies and chatting about anything. We literally had a ten minute conversation about my cat, Sketch, and how awesome {and crazy} she is. Seriously, I need to write a post and dedicate it just to her and her crazy antics! She’s great.

Anyway, yeah. So the brunch was awesome! We all left at around 1pm, everyone had stuff to do. Nolan needed a nap, and I wanted to go to Shoppers and pick up some prenatal vitamins and milk {since we’ve been out for like two days haha}.

So. Yeah. I forgot about the arguing that happens during the first little while {or the whole pregnancy?}. Matt and I were at each others throat all morning. Partly because he was just as nervous as I was about the brunch, and partly because neither of us got a lot of sleep last night. Also because we’re nervous. And Matt seems to get just as hormonal as I do during pregnancy ~ or at least, that was the case last time around. Yeah, it’s awesome. 

According to the Due Date Calculator on the March of Dimes website, my estimated due date is October 16th, 2011. Which is totally awesome, because I’ve always secretly wanted an October baby, and if I could have it on the 21st that’d be bomb because that’s my dad’s birthday and he’s totally awesome. But I’m nervous because this means that I’m only 3 or 4 weeks pregnant.

I’m trying not to be nervous, I just want everything to work out. Truthfully, I’m super excited and I’m already completely in love with our latest addition – even though it’s a tiny tadpole lol. I can’t wait to get an appointment at the walk in clinic to see if the estimated due date is correct. SIL told me they’ll follow me throughout the first part of my pregnancy, and get me all the extra “high risk” tests I’ll undoubtedly require and refer me to an OB. After the baby is born, they’ll give me a doctor for both kiddos and myself. Matt already has one so, he’s good!

One thing I’m not really looking forward to is growing out of my pants. I wish I knew someone my size who had hand-me-down maternity clothes because I will not like buying them. Everywhere around here is just so bloody expensive, and in the few consignment stores in this town, it’s difficult to find my size. It’s also hard to tell what size I’ll be.

But anyway, according to the online calculator I am 3 or 4 weeks pregnant and due around October 16th!

I’m still feeling as though I’m walking on a cloud. 😀


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25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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