Your Home is Your Castle

I absolutely love our little apartment. I remember, clear as day, the first time we saw it. I was online, searching out apartments on Kijiji. I got an email response to an ad I had posted. The lady said they had a beautiful, newly renovated 2 bedroom apartment for rent October 1st {or sooner}.

So Matt, Nolan and I went to see it. What wowed me from the get-go was the kitchen. So big, so much storage, so clean and new!

The livingroom was larger than I expected, and so were the bedrooms. The bathroom was a bit on the small side, but everything was new and clean and beautiful.

On September 10th, we started moving in. I spent several days cleaning and organizing my kitchen, so that literally everything was ready to go the day we moved in. Food in the cupboards, all my utensils and cookware, washed and put away. I even had my tea station set up! Matt was impressed with how quickly I made our place look like home, but he wasn’t surprised.

We’ve had two apartments together before this one. Our first apartment was a one and a half bedroom basement apartment. Everything was newly renovated, and it was gorgeous…we just outgrew it quickly when Nolan arrived. I didn’t want to put him in a windowless, ventless bedroom so he was staying with us in our bedroom. We used that half-bedroom as his change room and storage for all his clothes.

At the beginning of summer, the upstairs neighbors told us they were moving out, and we talked to our landlord about moving upstairs. He gave us a serious deal on rent because we are good, clean tenants. The weekend Matt went up North to his family’s property for a guy’s weekend was the weekend that our landlord {at the time} said we could move in. With help from a few good friends, I had all our stuff moved upstairs and unpacked by the time Matt came home that Sunday. I even had pictures hanging on the wall! Crazy, huh?

I liked that apartment, it was charming too. We were allowed to paint, and the livingroom was huge. There was beautiful original hardwood flooring through out the whole apartment {except for the bathroom and kitchen, which were tiled}. There were three good sized bedrooms. The only thing I didn’t exactly love about our apartment was the small galley wanna-be kitchen, and the oddly shaped bathroom.

Anyway. This time, I took my time unpacking the rest of the house {even though the kitchen was unpacked immediately}. I was just happy we were finally on our own again. We had lived with Matt’s dad and step-mom for 8 months, and I was not at my happiest. Moving out took such a tremendous weight off my shoulders.

I absolutely love our little apartment. The price is right, and we’re so comfortable here. Sure, I still have a list a mile long of things I’d like to buy for our home {new couches, new end tables and coffee table, more paintings and art work for the walls, a better bookcase} but I’m completely loving the feel of our place. We have a second-hand couch and futon from my dad and Matt’s mom. The futon is a bit uncomfortable, and they are both seriously “dated” but I love them. They do the job, and I’m not worried about kid goop getting on them.

I love sitting in my kitchen in the morning, feeding Nolan, sipping my tea and just relaxing. Before we moved out, I didn’t relax for even a moment and if I did I felt insanely guilty. When it’s not “your” place, no matter how hard someone tries to make you feel welcome, you know it’s not your place. You feel guilty for being there and you feel like you’re a burden. Well, I did anyway. I love walking through our apartment late at night, when everyone is sleeping, and just enjoying what we have. We may not have a lot, but we have more than some people do. I’m thankful for everything we have, for how far we’ve come in the past year.

A while ago, while we were visiting family down south, we took a drive past our old apartment…and it’s a mess. It broke my heart. When we decided to move up North, our landlord at the time decided to sell the house. The new landlord doesn’t treat his tenants good at all {the girl who lived in the basement when we lived upstairs told us – she’s still there}, and as a result the tenants treat the place like crap. They park all over the lawn, they litter, and they just don’t care for the house.

I know that it’s not easy renting, especially when you get a crappy landlord. Luckily, we’ve been very fortunate with having great landlords. But even still, I can’t imagine not taking pride in where you live. Your home is your castle, even if your landlord happens to be an asshat. It’s where you live, it’s where you invite your friends.

I take pride in wherever we live. I like to make sure our home is always clean, so that if we have unexpected guests we’re not embarrassed about “how we live”.

Of all the places we’ve ever lived, I love this one best. Mostly for the kitchen. If this apartment could be back in our old town {near my family and friends}, with one more bedroom, it would be perfect!


About J.C. Hannigan

25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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2 Responses to Your Home is Your Castle

  1. i've always loved your apartment! so spacious, clean, and homey! your kitchen is seriously to die for, too.


  2. Jess D says:

    <3 I love my apartment, and my kitchen...and those totally rad curtains!

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