An Intro of Sorts

Hi there! My name is Jessica, but you can call me Jessi. I’ve been blogging for years upon years now, since 2006. Originally, I started here at Blogger…then went over to WordPress.

I’m creating this blog for the next milestones in my life. And because I’m bored and curious to see just how much upload storage Blogger has vs. WordPress. I’m reaching the end of my tither at WordPress.

So, about me. I’m 21 years old, married to a wonderful man who completes me, and we have a beautiful son together. We got together in February of 2008, and ended up pregnant not even six months later. On Christmas Eve, 2008, we got engaged. Our beautiful son, Nolan, was born April 23rd, 2009 via c-section – 3 weeks early. He had fluid on his lungs and ended up spending two weeks in NICU.

Currently, the three of us are living in a Northern Ontario town while my husband, Matt, finishes school. We moved year December 31, 2009 – it was the most important move we ever made. We were originally living in Southern Ontario, struggling and getting ourselves into serious debt. Matt was working crappy jobs and we were living off his pay cheques. We bite off more than we could chew and ended up over 10,000 in consumers debt. So we made the decision to move up North and live with my husband’s father and step-mom.

This move was incredibly difficult for me, as it put me 4.5 hours away from my family and friends. But by the summer of 2010, we were debt free and planning our wedding finally. We got married July 23rd, 2010. It was a beautiful ceremony, but it deserves a page of it’s own so I will blog about that shortly!

After our wedding, we found that we had outgrown the arrangement to live with Matt’s dad and step-mom. They were both going through a rough separation and divorce, and the stress of that plus merging two households together and trying to live in peace just wasn’t working. We decided to move out and we found a charming little apartment that I instantly fell in love with. Our relationships with Matt’s dad and step-mom have improved tenfold now that we’re all not living together, and I’m happy they have. It’s no fun constantly being at odds with your in-laws.

Anyway, we are doing wonderful in our new environment, and although I miss my family and friends a lot, I know that being here is what’s best for our little family of three.

Matt is set to graduate in August of this year, and who knows where our journeys will take us next!


About J.C. Hannigan

25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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